Led by our Technical Director Depa, we have a unique team of great professionals and elite runners who will accompany you during the preparation of your challenge, especially during the days of each Camp, in which you will have the possibility of cohabitating with them.

You will also have the possibility, via Webinar, to share and interact in exclusive talks that will be mediated by our Technical Director – Depa and where renowned Elite runners will develop topics that will be of interest to you (sport and family reconciliation, material to take into account before the race, technical and psychological aspects, etc.).

We will advise you to get the best results!


I am a Polar Trail athlete with a long career both nationally and internationally. My sporting roots go back to alpine skiing, a sport in which I became a professional when I was very young, but a serious injury took me out of the competitive arena. This process and the uncertainty of not knowing if I would be able to return to the top level turned me into a passionate, consistent, coherent and balanced athlete. I have competed in many corners of the world such as Nepal, Costa Rica, the United States and Europe, races in which I have accumulated a record of which I am very proud and a very rich experience. I am a translator and journalist and I have studies in sports training. I am the mother of a small child who doesn’t stand still.

caroline chaverot

I am 44 years old, I have 3 kids and I am a high school history and geography teacher. I am a former elite whitewater racer and rock climber and I run since I am 35. My favorite runs are long ones in mountains, especially when I discover new places, but I also enjoy every type of running: road running, flat running, short and intense training. I also practice road biking and cross-country skiing, which I really love. I did quite a lot of races, between 2013 and 2018, and I won some important ones: UTMB and World Championships in 2016, but also CCC in 2013, Lavaredo and Eiger UT in 2015, Hardrock 100 in 2017 and some other international races. But what I enjoyed the most at these time was that I was able to move fast and without too much effort through fantastic landscapes. In 2018, I began to suffer from various health problem, which forced met reduce dramatically my training. Now, I feel much better, so I can enjoy again the pleasure of proper training: I feel blessed for that and I really look forward to race again on some nice courses. The Ultra Trail Val d’Aran by UTMB is now one of my main goals for 2021.

Maite Maiora

Despite living by the sea, my passion lies in the mountains. I am a mountain runner, although if I had to categorise my passion it would be something similar to being a sports nut. I like all the activities that take place in nature; mountain running, climbing, mountaineering, cycling, ski mountaineering, among others. But what gives meaning to everything is to share all these experiences with my family and friends, and if it can be accompanied by a good sunset, it makes the day even more magical! All this, without any doubt, is accompanied by trips around the globe discovering new places, so if you look for me one day you might find me hanging on a wall or climbing a mountain!

Here are some of my main achievements: World Skymarathon Champion, 1st ULTRA PIRINEU, 1st place Zegama Aizkorri +record, 3rd UTMB, 3rd CCC.


I grew up in the Savoie region in the northern Alps and participated in athletics and notably cross country, as well as all outdoor activities such as cycling, skiing, canyoning and mountaineering.

Then I needed to escape competitions that were too “structured” and training sessions that didn’t really suit my desire for freedom and mountain activities. So I instinctively turned towards trail running.

Thanks to this discipline I found my way of combining my passions, being in the mountains, for pleasure, competition, discovery and travel. I am particularly careful of keeping a healthy lifestyle that supports my desires. I believe that trail running should remain a discipline that is fuelled by pleasure that each individual can have and enjoy every day.

Despite the stress, pressure and standardisation of an elite athlete’s life I try not to not let it over-influence me and remain myself, natural, according to my own values. By staying true to myself I believe I find a very intense emotional pleasure that is nourishing and complimentary to the physical pleasure and this in turn reflects in my practice and performance…


Mason by profession, from a village by the sea – Playa de Aro – but a lover of the mountains and all the sport I can practice there. In all the sports I have practiced I have tried to give 100% of myself, now I am in a stage that I started in 2013 and the truth is it has changed my life, from having my own company to gradually learn to live with less and try to give all of me to be happier although sacrificing many things, this path I chose I do not change for anything.

Some of my main achievements are: 2nd Ultra Trail World Tour 2018, 3rd UTMB 2018, 1st Everest Trail Race, 3rd Ultra Pirineu 2017 and 10th UTMB 2017.

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